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M. Peregrine. M. Goshawks, Lanners, Luggers, M. Hybrids,

Sakret, M. Harris etc.

F. Peregrine. F. Hybrids, F. Harris, Buzzards, Red-tails,

F. Saker, and F. Goshawks etc.

All Eagles. Ferruginous.

Dutch Hoods: Each hood is cut from fine grained hide, dyed, delicately cross-stitched and burnished to a fine finish. Turks top knot with synthetic braces come as standard to produce a durable, well fitting, light tight hood! (Colours may vary according to stock availability but browns, blacks, tans, naturals & reds etc are usual colours - nothing outrageous!). Please telephone if you have a colour preference. Please confirm the sex & species, via email here:

Dutch Hood

Hood Protector

Hood protector: After carefully choosing the hood of your choice it would be wise to invest in one of our hood protectors to help maintain and look after your purchase. Made using weatherproof black cordura, fastened using Velcro. Fitted belt loop as standard.


Anglo Indian Hood

Anglo Indian Hoods: Handcrafted using calf skin for the medium and small hoods and English hide for the Larger hoods. Cut from traditional patterns with contrasting leather top knot, throat lashing and synthetic braces. Please confirm the sex & species,  via email here.