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Bullet Jesses

Bullet Jesses: This bullet jess system comes with the swivel & leash complete. They replace standard mews jesses and are fitted by inserting the "bullet" ends through the eyelets, in the anklets (sold separately). They can then be put on and taken off in seconds. Often used in conjunction with permanent hunting straps (see below).


Permanent Field Jesses

Permanent Field Jesses: These leather straps fit permanently through the eyelets on the anklets. They act as a "permanent" field jess when out in the field and very useful to assist catching up a loose bird in the aviary or mews. (Anklets not included).



Eyelets: Solid Brass Eyelets. Supplied with backing rings, (except small eyelets).  For eyelet closing tools click here.
Small Apprx (5.5mm) (7/32").
Medium Apprx (PP22). (8.0mm) (5/16").
Large Apprx (PP24). (10.0mm) (3/8").

Sold in packs of 20.



Rivets: Used for closing anklets or any other items of leather, canvas etc. permanently and securely, together.
(Picture not actual size). Can be used on gloves, bags or waistcoats and many others items!

Actual Size: Cap apprx 5.0mm. Stem apprx 7mm.

Sold in packs of 20.

Reference For Sizing




Extra large:

Sparrowhawks, Kestrels, Merlins, Hobbies etc.

M.Harris, Barn owls, M. Peregrine. M. Gos, Lanners, M. Hybrids, Sakret, etc.

F Harris, F. Peregrine. F. Hybrids, M + F Red-tails, F. Saker, and F. Gos etc.

All Eagles. M + F. Ferruginous. Eagle Owls.

Anklets: Type 1

Anklets: Type 1. No screwtools required. These fasten together with "male and female" rivets (supplied). Simply close the rivets together using simple pliers.  

for spare eyelets or rivets see below.


Anklets: Type 2

Anklets: Type 2. Requires the appropriate screwtools for closing medium and large eyelets. Or eyelet pliers for small sized eyelets. (For Tools and Eyelet Pliers please click here) If you require spare eyelets, please see below.


Mews Jesses

Mews Jesses: Cut from immensely strong but supple hide. These Jesses are above many others in their field giving wear ability in everyday use. For Neatsfoot oil which will help preserve & keep your jesses supple please click here: Neatsfoot oil.


Field Jesses

Field Jesses: Cut from immensely strong but supple hide. Our Jesses are above many others in their field giving wear ability in everyday use.For Neatsfoot oil, which will help preserve & keep your jesses supple, click here: Neatsfoot oil