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Eyelet Closing Tool (screw type)

Eyelet Closing Tool: Precision engineered and easy to use. Simply screw the tool together to close the eyelet thus permanently securing the anklet onto the hawk!

Medium:  Eyelet size PP22 (Apprx 7.94mm - 5/16").

Large: Eyelet size PP24 (Apprx 9.58mm - 3/8"),

(Anklets shown are sold separately).

For anklets and eyelets click Here.


Casting Jacket

Casting Jacket: This jacket fits snugly around the bird and fastens securely with elasticated Velcro straps. Once restrained, the bird can breathe easily and freely leaving the legs and tail free for attaching anklets, tail bells and a host of other tasks. Medium fits both male & female Harris’ hawks.