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Cable Tie Tail Mounts

Cable tie tailmounts: Attaches with the strength of the usual cable tie but has a moulded "eye" for attaching tail bells or transmitters etc.

Sold in packs of 10.

Metal Tail Mounts

Metal Tailmounts: This tailmount is made of one piece of Aluminium, not welded or soldered. You can attach any tail mountable telemetry transmitter to it. It will fit any bird from Tiercel to a female Eagle, including Harris, Gos and Redtails. Simply "crimp" the rounded tube piece around the quill of the deck feather then insert the spring telemetry clip or tail bell to the outer tube.

Plastic Tail Mounts

Tailmounts: Plastic, moulded tailmounts. These mounts are extremely lightweight  and accept most transmitters with a hooked spring clip. They can be used with or without a tailbell. Supplied as a kit with cable ties and leather. (Transmitters shown are not included but available separately upon request). For telemetry systems and batteries click here